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...for the ultimate product marketer.

Trusted by the world's largest brands...Product Marketing Certified: Core is the industry standard.

The most comprehensive product marketing course around. PMMC explores the A to Z of PMM, from pricing to positioning to sales enablement to OKRs, and more, in a way that is practical and applicable - no fluff.

Throughout the course, a PMM industry expert will navigate through the accredited curriculum to arm you with the theory (along with some interesting real-life stories) and frameworks to move your career, product, and company's needle.

Fun fact: Nearly half of the people taking PMMC felt more confident in their role on completion of the course.

Live in person

Meet in person for a one day certification workshop taught by an industry expert and absorb the knowledge of like-minded PMMs.

Group activities

Endless networking, lots of opportunities to ask questions, take part in group activities and pick the brains of your peers.

Official certification

After your learning, you’ll be Product Marketing Certified accredited by CPD & CIM (provided you pass the exams).

Product Marketing Core | in-person

How it works.

👩‍🏫 We meet in person where your (carefully chosen) instructor will take you through the program, with real-life examples.

❓ Throughout the learning, there'll be lots of opportunities to ask questions and take part in group activities. 

🍹 Want to pick your instructor's brain? Join them for informal drinks (included in the workshop price).

🎥 After your class, you’ll be given access to all the lectures on-demand, as well as bonus footage, for life.

👨‍🏫 Join virtual weekly workshops - forevermore - for additional, group mentor calls.

🔖   After you've completed your exams? You’ll be Product Marketing Certified.

"During the two day in-person PMM course I was able to learn from an expert with a wealth of knowledge and various professional experiences. Also we shared information as a collective, learning from successes and also mistakes. There was a lot of information that one could take away and immediately apply to their work or role. This makes the training relevant and useful. There was a lot of information also about how best to understand and grow out markets. Would highly recommend to those starting their career in Product Marketing, and also those who have done it for a while."

Emma Moore, Product Marketing Manager at Zappar

Did you know certified PMMs earn $16,732 more than those without a qualification?

Whether you're new to PMM or have a few years of experience up your sleeve, this course will not only guide you through every single pillar of the product marketing function, it’ll equip you with unlimited real-life, tried and tested techniques and case studies.

You'll master the art of
getting products to market, testing, iterating, and keeping them there, walk away equipped with templates and frameworks ready to implement the next day, and so much more.

Fun fact: 43% of those looking to get into PMM secured their first PMM role within 3 months of course completion.

Core live and in-person
"Great content, insights, and frameworks. It was incredibly helpful to hear real-life examples from the speaker and other classmates to help make the information tangible and transferable."

See what other PMMs from our in-person cohorts had to say...

Join us for learning with an expert instructor, unlimited networking & drinks over one day. ⬇️

Taught by experts who've done it.

Unlock an additional 24+ courses 🔓

For just $700 more, you'll access our entire suite of courses, 700+ hours of strategy content, templates & frameworks, mentorship opportunities, and more when you become a Pro+ Member.

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What you'll get.

🔥 Delivery of the most extensive curriculum that'll enhance your knowledge and skill set on PMM. Fact.

🔥 Official accredited PMMC® certification if you pass all the exams that are certain to spice up your professional portfolio.

🔥 Chance to connect and work alongside like-minded PMMs in person.

🔥 Access to invaluable bonus footage and all course content for life - even fresh updates.

🔥 Access to 20+ templates and frameworks.

🔥 Discounted rate to PMA's Membership Plans.

🔥 Free drinks and chance to pick your instructor and fellow peers brains.

Pssst. We do group rates too 🙌

If you want to bring your team along, chat to our Sales Executive, Adam Fowler-Watt on
[email protected].

Can't make it in person but still want to get certified?👇

You can get Product Marketing Certified in a way that suits you. Whether that's OnDemand, over two weeks, four weeks live & online or one day live & online. We tailor how you want to digest your learning but never compromise on quality.