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Product Marketing Core framework

What is Product Marketing Core?

Trusted by the world's biggest brands...it's the industry standard.

From research to optimization, PMMC explores the A to Z of product marketing in a way that simply hasn't been done before.

Our one-day, in-person certification covers every element of our accredited curriculum and in a nutshell, will arm you with:

💪 A comprehensive overview of every essential product marketing principle, including case studies.

😀 Endless group networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, and

🔥 All the strategic insights you need to move up the career ladder into a role you'll not only want, but be ready for.

Live in person

Meet in person for a full-day certification workshop with like-minded PMMs.

Group activities

There'll be lots of opportunities to ask questions, take part in group activities, and network.

Official certification

After a single day of learning, you’ll be Product Marketing Certified (providing you pass the exams!).

How it works

👩‍🏫 We meet in person for a one-off, full-day certification session.

🧠 Your instructor will take you through all 11 modules of the program, with real-life examples.

❓ Throughout the day, there'll be lots of opportunities to ask questions and take part in group activities. 

🎥 After the day’s over, you’ll be given access to all the lectures on-demand, as well as bonus footage.

👨‍🏫 You'll have the option to join virtual weekly workshops - forevermore - for additional, group mentor calls.

🔖   After a single day of learning, you’ll be Product Marketing Certified (providing you pass the exams!).

Product Marketing Core | in-person

"I absolutely loved the course. It was a great forum to learn from experts and colleagues.
There were practical templates and insights to apply immediately, as well as strategic insights."

- San Francisco in-person course attendee

Product Marketing Core curriculum

The ultimate product marketing course

...for the ultimate product marketer.

From pricing to positioning to sales enablement to OKRs - and more, our interactive, full-day session's packed with all the high impact topics needed to move your career, product, and company's needle.

Blend theory with practical by picking the brains of your peers, pulling together diverse experiences and perspectives, and solving common PMM problems - together.

Meet your instructors 🔥

Harvey Lee
Collette Johnson

Product Marketing Consultant

Collette is an experienced product marketing leader. Her previous experience includes working as a VP of marketing in a scale-up organisation to help them in understanding their identity and to develop their long-term strategy.

Her experience also includes strategic roles in consultancies supporting both global organisations and start-ups. She was named as one of the Top 100 Product Marketing Influencers globally in 2020.

Jason Williams
Jason Williams

Founder of br8k

Jason Williams is a strategist and marketer. He has served as Head of Marketing for various venture-backed startups and previously led marketing teams at Microsoft and Uber.

He grew up as a strategy consultant and still advises clients on marketing and growth through his company br8k. A son of a teacher, Jason is eager to learn and grow (and teach!) alongside peers through PMA.

A sneak-peek into what you can expect on the day 👀

Our curriculum's packed with only the high-octane product marketing topics needed to build, maintain, and scale world-class PMM strategies.

And of course, tons of opportunities for networking, group activities, questions, problem-solving, and more.

Welcome 😎

  • PMA's product marketing playbook
  • The product lifecycle
  • How to work with Product Management
  • Research

Research 💡

  • Win-loss interviews
  • Customer feedback
  • Observations + the rest of your market
  • Competitor intel
  • Validating your hypothesis
  • Building a business case

Pricing 💰

  • Calculating your baseline
  • Cost-plus pricing
  • Competitor-based pricing
  • Value-based pricing
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Price sensitivity surveys & conjoint analysis

OKRs 📊

  • Go-to-Market OKRs
  • Sales enablement OKRs
  • Lead-gen OKRs
  • Product adoption OKRs

Personas 🧑‍💻

  • What are personas + persona templates
  • Buyer vs user personas
  • Creating your personas
  • How to use personas effectively
  • Jobs-to-be-done

Positioning & messaging 💪

  • Positioning fundamentals
  • How to approach positioning
  • Understanding messaging
  • An intro to narrative design
  • Storytelling framework

Go-to-Market 🔥

  • Go-to-Market process
  • Go-to-Market templates (incl. how to use them)
  • Acquisition & engagement channels
  • Timing your launch
  • Communicating your GTM strategy

Communication 🎙

  • The importance of strong communication skills
  • 12 tips to communicate better

Sales enablement 👩‍🏫

  • The role of sales enablement
  • Sales enablement tactics
  • Sales enablement fundamentals
  • Getting sales teams bought in
  • Measuring sales enablement

Onboarding 🛠

  • Onboarding examples
  • Onboarding framework
  • Onboarding best practices
  • Retention tactics
  • Customer case studies

Analysis & optimization ✅

  • Analysis fundamentals
  • Areas to analyze
  • A/B testing
  • Cohort analysis

"Very helpful to get in the same room as other product marketers, ask questions, and learn frameworks. I loved the case study examples and real-world insights from Jason's stories and experience."

- San Francisco in-person course attendee

How this course will revolutionize your PMM journey

It’s no secret that product marketing is an incredibly varied and fast-paced role.

…And for every tactic, strategy, and problem there are endless options. This interactive, in-person course will not only guide you through every single pillar of the product marketing function, it’ll equip you with unlimited real-life, tried and tested techniques and case studies.

You’ll layer every piece of theory with practical advice and solutions from your expert instructor and like-minded peers, leaving you with an insane product marketing action plan in your arsenal.

Core live and in-person
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What you'll get

🔥 Delivery of the most extensive curriculum that'll enhance your knowledge and skill set on the product marketing approach. Fact.

🔥 Official PMMC® certification if you pass all the exams that's certain to spice up your professional portfolio.

🔥 Chance to connect and work alongside like-minded PMMs in person.

🔥 Access to invaluable bonus footage and all course content for life - even fresh updates.

🔥 Access to 20+ templates and frameworks.

🔥 Discounted rate to PMA's Membership Plans.

🔥 Opportunity to network with fellow PMMs.

Pick your date & location 🌍

Pssst. We do group rates too 🙌

If you want to bring your team along, chat to our Commercial Director, Thomas Madden, on
[email protected].

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